MyBSD IPv6 tunnel broker

Signing up an account with MyBSD IPv6 tunnel broker

What is this ?

MyTBS or MyBSD Tunnel Broker Service is an IPv6 tunnel broker. MyTBS is utilizing OpenVPN to manage IPv6 addresses. The addresses are routed to your VPN tunnel and you can start experiencing IPv6. You can connect to us from anywhere, be it from home, office or wifi hotspots around Malaysia.

This service is provided to Malaysians only. For non-Malaysian users, please choose the nearest IPv6 tunnel broker closer to you.


1. Your desired username

2. Your OS

3. Your e-mail address

Note: If you would like to handle reverse DNS yourself, then provide 2 working authoritive nameservers above.

Send your details to

Once your tunnel is activated, we will email you the details.


MyBSD IPv6 team